Alan Stuart
Senior Art Director, Green Team Advertising
I brought Brian on as an intern, but quickly realized he was far too valuable to not have as a full-time designer, which is exactly what he became. Brian is an incredible asset to have as a creative: he is organized, intelligent, and extremely talented and versatile. He is a strong graphic designer, typographer, web designer, logo designer, and all around craftsman. If there is something he doesn’t know, he learns it overnight (I’m not sure if he sleeps). It’s a pleasure to work with someone who truly enjoys every minute of their job, and he is the first person I would choose to be on another creative team. I highly recommend Brian and am happy to answer any questions about his work.

Chiemi Karasawa
Producer, IsotopeFilms
[Brian is] an excellent taskmaster, able to implement ideas creatively and professionally and provide solutions that are aesthetically harmonious within a budget…Your work is unbelievably inexpensive and clean.  You clearly aim to please and we are not disappointed.

My only complaint was time-frame, I didn’t know from the start that you were only a nights/weekend designer!  (Maybe you told me but I forgot)  We are so busy here that it’s tough to have a limitation in terms of communicating and reply to effect changes, and since I try NOT to work on nights/weekend it was especially challenging.  That’s it, but for the price and your quality of work, I can’t complain!

Jason Louv
Copywriter, Green Team Advertising
Brian is an excellent designer with an impeccable work ethic and aesthetic. He does great freelance too!

Jana Duda
Technology Resources Manager Gladys Marcus Library / GraphicsLAB PRINTFX, Fashion Institute of Technology
Brian Morales has worked for me in the Graphics Lab for a few years. He is very thoughtful of his co-workers and consistently shows interest and enthusiasm for his work. He is always willing to go beyond the scope of his responsibilities to be helpful and he has proved himself to be a reliable and responsible employee. I consider Brian to be a great asset to the Graphics Lab.

Katie Zapata
Marketing Manager, iVillage Parenting Network
Brian interned in our department here at iVillage Parenting Network this past summer [2006]. We were very lucky to have him! His dedication to work was refreshing. As soon as Brian and I would finish talking over a project, I would turn around to find him already at my desk with three or four sketches to show. And while Brian brought innovative and exciting ideas, he was willing and more than able to adapt them to suit our corporate style. It probably helped that he studied and understood our unusual company structure and mission faster than most regular employees. Don’t let his reserved demeanor fool you – Brian is full of powerful ideas to handle any design dilemma. Brian would add great value to any firm.

About Me

Brian A Morales is a graphic designer with experience in freelance and studio environments. He has worked on a wide variety of projects including logos, print design, web design including sites, e-blasts and banners, presentation materials, and print production.


Dorje Logo

The Dorje is an ancient buddhist symbol, representing yang (masculine, active) energy. It is seen as ‘the diamond sceptre,’ which cuts through all obsticles; ultimately signifying skillful and appropriate action which is compassion. Together with its counterpart, the bell (signifying yin; feminine energy), they symbolize the union of Wisdom and Compassion… Enlightenment.